Trouble creating job postings

Addressing issues with creating job postings is essential to ensure that employers can efficiently post their job listings on the Dutybell platform. Here’s a guide on how employers can resolve job posting problems in the Dutybell knowledgebase:

1. Account Access:

Verify that the employer has successfully logged into their Dutybell account. They must be logged in to create job postings.
2. Completing Job Posting Forms:

Instruct employers to fill out all required fields accurately in the job posting form. Ensure that they provide all necessary details, such as job title, description, location, and requirements.
3. Technical Issues:

Suggest checking for technical issues such as slow internet connection, browser compatibility, or device-related problems. Advise employers to use a supported web browser.
4. Error Messages:

Encourage employers to take note of any error messages or notifications they encounter during the job posting process. This information can be useful for troubleshooting.
5. Clear Browser Cache:

Recommend clearing the browser cache and cookies, as stored data can sometimes interfere with the job posting process.
6. Browser Extensions:

Suggest disabling browser extensions or add-ons that might conflict with the job posting interface.
7. Mobile App Posting:

If Dutybell has a mobile app for posting jobs, guide employers on how to use the app for creating job listings.
8. Mobile Browser Posting:

Explain that employers can also use mobile web browsers for posting jobs if they don’t have access to the app.
9. Review Posting Guidelines:

Remind employers to review the job posting guidelines and policies of Dutybell to ensure that their listings comply with the platform’s terms.
10. File Upload Issues:
– Address any issues related to uploading files or attachments (e.g., resumes, company logos) to job listings.

11. Contact Support:
– Instruct employers to contact Dutybell support if they continue to experience job posting problems. Share the contact details and support channels.

12. Draft Saving:
– If available, explain the process of saving job postings as drafts to avoid losing work in case of disruptions.

13. Monitor Changes:
– Advise employers to monitor the job posting platform for any updates or changes to the posting process.

By providing a comprehensive guide on resolving job posting problems, Dutybell can assist employers in efficiently creating and managing their job listings on the platform, enhancing their recruitment efforts.