Application status not updating

Candidates encountering issues with their application status not updating can be a frustrating experience. To assist candidates in resolving this problem, here’s a guide on how to address application status not updating in the Dutybell knowledgebase:

1. Application Status Types:

Explain the different application status types candidates might encounter, such as “Submitted,” “Under Review,” “Interview Scheduled,” and “Not Selected.”
2. Wait for Processing:

Inform candidates that application statuses may not update immediately. It takes some time for employers to review applications and change the status.
3. Refresh the Page:

Encourage candidates to refresh the application status page to check for updates. Sometimes, a simple refresh can display the most current information.
4. Check Email Notifications:

Explain that candidates may receive email notifications when their application status changes. Remind them to check their email for updates.
5. Contact the Employer:

Suggest that candidates contact the employer directly to inquire about their application status if it remains unchanged for an extended period.
6. Multiple Applications:

If candidates have submitted multiple applications, clarify that each application may have a different status based on the employer’s review process.
7. Technical Issues:

Acknowledge that technical issues can occasionally affect the real-time updating of application statuses. Encourage candidates to report such issues to customer support.
8. Update Preferences:

Remind candidates to ensure their job preferences and contact information are up-to-date. Incorrect contact information can hinder status updates.
9. Privacy Settings:

Ensure that candidates’ privacy settings do not inadvertently restrict the updating of application statuses or sharing of their profile information.
10. Check for Account Type:

Verify that candidates have the correct account type (e.g., job seeker) to access application status updates. If their account type is incorrect, guide them on how to update it.
11. Resubmit Application:

In some cases, candidates may need to resubmit an application if they suspect a technical glitch caused the status not to update.
12. Pending Interviews:

Explain that the application status may not update if a candidate has a pending interview scheduled with the employer. This is a normal part of the process.
13. Application Tracking:

Inform candidates about any application tracking features available on Dutybell. They can use these tools to monitor their application statuses.
14. Review Period:

Advise candidates to be patient during the review period, which can vary depending on the employer’s hiring process. Some employers may take longer to update statuses.
15. Request Feedback:

Suggest that candidates request feedback from employers about their application status if they haven’t received any updates.
16. Monitor Multiple Platforms:

Some employers may communicate application status updates through other channels, such as email or a separate applicant tracking system. Encourage candidates to check all communication channels.
A comprehensive knowledgebase should offer clear, step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting advice to help candidates address issues with application statuses not updating. By providing this guidance, Dutybell can ensure a smoother experience for job seekers and help them understand the status of their applications.