Responding to Reviews

Responding to reviews is a crucial aspect of managing your employer brand on Dutybell. Engaging with reviews, both positive and negative, demonstrates your commitment to addressing candidate and employee feedback. Here’s a guide on how to effectively respond to reviews under the “Employer Branding” category for employers using Dutybell:

1. Log In to Your Employer Account:

Start by logging in to your Dutybell employer account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to sign up and create one.

2. Access Employer Branding Section:

Navigate to the “Employer Branding” or “Company Profile” section within your employer dashboard. This is where you can access and respond to reviews.

3. Monitor Reviews:

Regularly monitor the reviews on your company profile. Reviews may come from current and former employees, as well as candidates who have interacted with your company.

4. Acknowledge All Reviews:

Respond to every review, whether positive or negative. Acknowledge that you value feedback and appreciate the time and effort the reviewer has taken to share their thoughts.

5. Positive Reviews:

For positive reviews, express your gratitude and enthusiasm. Highlight the specific aspects of the review that you appreciate. For example, if a reviewer mentions a positive company culture, mention how important your culture is to you.

6. Negative Reviews:

When responding to negative reviews, adopt a constructive and empathetic approach. Address the specific concerns raised in the review and offer solutions or explanations where applicable. Always maintain professionalism and avoid becoming defensive.

7. Standard Response Format:

Create a standard response format that you can use as a template. Personalize your responses, but having a structure in place helps ensure consistency in your communication.

8. Privacy and Discretion:

Respect the privacy and confidentiality of employees and candidates in your responses. Avoid discussing sensitive or personal information in a public forum.

9. Encourage Dialog:

Encourage reviewers to continue the conversation in a private setting. Provide contact information or a direct message option to address concerns more thoroughly.

10. Correct Inaccuracies:

If a review contains inaccuracies or misinformation, politely and respectfully correct them. Ensure that your response is fact-based and informative.

11. Show Improvement Efforts:

In your responses to negative reviews, convey your commitment to addressing the issues mentioned and improving the employee or candidate experience.

12. Be Prompt:

Respond to reviews promptly to demonstrate your attentiveness to feedback. A timely response shows that you are actively engaged with your employer brand.

13. Stay Professional:

Maintain a professional tone and demeanor in all responses. Avoid engaging in heated or emotional exchanges.

14. Highlight Positive Changes:

If you’ve made improvements based on feedback, share these updates in your responses to demonstrate your dedication to enhancing the working environment.

15. Reporting Inappropriate Content:

If you encounter reviews that violate Dutybell’ guidelines or contain inappropriate content, consider reporting them to the platform for review and potential removal.

16. Consistent Monitoring:

Continuously monitor reviews and respond to new ones as they are posted. Don’t let reviews go unacknowledged.
Effectively responding to reviews on Dutybell is an integral part of managing your employer brand. It showcases your commitment to open communication, improvement, and the overall well-being of your employees and candidates. By following these steps, you can maintain a positive and professional presence on the platform, even in the face of both positive and negative feedback.