Tracking Application Status

Tracking your job application status is a valuable feature for job seekers using the Dutybell website ( It allows you to stay informed about the progress of your job applications and provides visibility into whether your applications are being reviewed, shortlisted, or require additional actions. Here’s how to track your application status on Dutybell:

1. Log In:

Start by logging in to your Dutybell account using your registered email and password.

2. Access Your Job Seeker Dashboard:

Once logged in, navigate to your job seeker dashboard or account overview. There, you may find a section dedicated to managing your applications.

3. Locate Your Applications:

In the application management section, you’ll typically see a list of the job applications you’ve submitted. Each application may have its own status or update.

4. Understand Application Statuses:

Dutybell may use various application statuses to keep you informed about your progress. Common statuses include:
Submitted: Your application has been successfully submitted.
Under Review: The employer is in the process of reviewing applications. This may take some time.
Shortlisted: You’ve passed the initial screening and may be considered for an interview.
Interview Scheduled: You have been selected for an interview, and the date and time are scheduled.
Offer Extended: The employer has extended a job offer to you.
Hired: You’ve accepted a job offer and are now employed.
Rejected: Unfortunately, your application was not selected for further consideration.

5. View Application Details:

Click on the specific application you want to track to view more details. You may see additional information about the application’s progress, interview details, or feedback provided by the employer.

6. Update Contact Information:

Ensure that your contact information is up to date in your profile. This is important for receiving notifications and updates related to your job applications.

7. Set Up Notifications:

Dutybell may offer the option to set up email or notification alerts for application status changes. This means you’ll receive updates when your application status changes or when you’re selected for an interview.

8. Follow Up (if necessary):

If you haven’t received a response or if your application status remains unchanged for an extended period, consider following up with the employer. Dutybell may provide contact information or a messaging feature for this purpose.

9. Stay Patient and Persistent:

Remember that the hiring process can take time. While tracking your application status is helpful, it’s also essential to remain patient and persistent in your job search.

By tracking your application status on Dutybell, you can stay informed about the progress of your job applications and take appropriate actions, such as following up or preparing for interviews when you’ve been shortlisted. This feature helps you manage your job search more effectively and stay engaged in the application process.