Setting Application Deadlines

Setting application deadlines for job listings is an important aspect of the hiring process for employers on Dutybell. It helps you manage the recruitment timeline and ensures that candidates are aware of the application cutoff date. Here’s a guide on how to set application deadlines under the “Posting Jobs” category for employers using Dutybell:

1. Log In to Your Employer Account:

Start by logging in to your Dutybell employer account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to sign up and create one.

2. Access Your Job Listings:

Once logged in, navigate to the “Posting Jobs” or “Manage Job Listings” section within your employer dashboard.

3. Select the Job Listing to Edit:

Find the specific job listing for which you want to set an application deadline. Click on the job title or select the “Edit” option.

4. Edit Application Deadline:

Within the job editing interface, locate the section for setting the application deadline. This section may include a date picker or calendar feature.

5. Choose the Deadline Date:

Select the date by which you want candidates to submit their applications. This is the deadline for receiving applications for the job.

6. Review and Preview:

Before finalizing the deadline, review the entire job listing to ensure all other details are accurate and complete. You can use the preview function to see how the edited job listing will appear to candidates.

7. Save or Update the Job Listing:

Once you’re satisfied with the application deadline and any other edits, save or update the job listing. The application deadline you set will be visible to candidates on the job posting.

8. Communicate the Deadline Clearly:

In the job description, make sure to clearly communicate the application deadline to potential candidates. This helps them understand the timeframe for applying.

9. Monitor Application Deadline:

Keep an eye on the application deadline as the job listing remains active. Ensure that it aligns with your recruitment schedule and hiring needs.

10. Extend or Close the Job:

If you need to extend the application deadline or close the job posting before the deadline, you can return to the job editing interface and make the necessary changes.

11. Promote the Job Listing:

Dutybell may offer promotion options for job listings to increase their visibility. Consider promoting your job listing to attract a wider pool of candidates before the deadline.

Setting application deadlines for job listings on Dutybell is an effective way to manage the hiring process and ensure that candidates are aware of the timeline for submitting their applications. By following these steps, you can efficiently set and communicate application deadlines to streamline the recruitment process.