Setting Preferences

Setting preferences as a job seeker on the Dutybell website ( is essential to help you find job opportunities that align with your goals and requirements. Here are the steps to set your job preferences:


Step 1: Log In

Log in to your Dutybell account using your registered email and password.

Step 2: Access Your Job Preferences

Once logged in, navigate to your job seeker dashboard. Look for a “Preferences” or “Job Preferences” section.

Step 3: Job Type

Specify the type of job you are looking for. Dutybell typically offers various options such as:







Step 4: Desired Location

Indicate your preferred job location or locations. You can specify specific cities, regions, or the option for remote work if it applies.

Step 5: Job Industry or Field

Choose the industry or field you are interested in. Dutybell may provide a list of industries or allow you to enter specific keywords related to your desired field.

Step 6: Experience Level

Select your preferred experience level. Options typically include:





Step 7: Desired Salary (optional)

If you have a salary range in mind, you can specify it. This helps Dutybell match you with jobs that meet your compensation expectations.

Step 8: Job Alerts

Opt to receive job alerts. Dutybell may offer email or notification alerts when new job listings matching your preferences become available.

Step 9: Save Your Preferences

After setting your job preferences, make sure to save your choices. This ensures that Dutybell uses your preferences to recommend suitable job opportunities.

Step 10: Review and Update Regularly

It’s essential to review and update your job preferences regularly, especially if your job search criteria change. This ensures that you continue to receive relevant job recommendations.

Step 11: Job Search

Once your preferences are set, you can start searching for jobs. Dutybell will display job listings that match your selected criteria.

By setting your job preferences on Dutybell, you can streamline your job search and receive tailored job recommendations that are more likely to align with your career goals. This feature makes the job search process more efficient and increases your chances of finding the right job opportunity.