Communication with candidates

Effective communication with candidates is crucial for employers using the Dutybell platform. It helps in building relationships, managing the hiring process, and providing a positive candidate experience. Here’s a guide on how employers can communicate with candidates within the Dutybell platform in the Dutybell knowledgebase:

1. Accessing Candidate Management:

Instruct employers to log in to their Dutybell employer account and access the “Candidate Management” section.
2. Candidate Profiles:

Explain that employers can view and access candidate profiles from this section.
3. Messaging Candidates:

Describe how employers can initiate communication with candidates by sending messages directly through the platform.
4. Interview Scheduling:

If applicable, provide information on how to schedule interviews with candidates and send interview invitations.
5. Predefined Messages:

Mention the option to use predefined message templates for common communication scenarios, such as interview invitations or rejection notifications.
6. Personalized Messages:

Encourage employers to personalize their messages to create a more engaging and respectful communication experience.
7. Response Tracking:

Explain how employers can track candidate responses and interactions within the platform.
8. Notifications:

Inform employers that they’ll receive notifications when candidates respond to their messages, ensuring timely follow-up.
9. Professional Tone:

Advise employers to maintain a professional and respectful tone in all communications with candidates.
10. Timely Responses:
– Emphasize the importance of responding to candidate messages promptly to demonstrate respect and interest.

11. Interview Confirmation:
– Describe the process of confirming interview schedules and providing candidates with all necessary details.

12. Rejection Notifications:
– Guide employers on how to send rejection notifications to candidates who were not selected for the position. Encourage them to provide constructive feedback when possible.

13. Candidate Questions:
– Explain that employers should be prepared to answer candidate questions promptly, especially if candidates inquire about the job or the hiring process.

14. Interview Feedback:
– Mention the option for employers to request and provide interview feedback to candidates.

15. Communication Records:
– Describe how communication records are stored within the platform, making it easy to review past interactions with candidates.

16. GDPR and Privacy Compliance:
– Stress the importance of adhering to data privacy regulations when communicating with candidates and handling their personal information.

17. Follow-Up:
– Suggest the practice of following up with candidates after interviews or other stages of the hiring process to keep them informed and engaged.

By offering a comprehensive guide on effective communication with candidates, Dutybell can help employers create a positive candidate experience and improve the overall efficiency of their hiring process on the platform.