Job listings not visible

Addressing job listings that are not visible is crucial to ensure that employers’ job opportunities reach potential candidates on the Dutybell platform. Here’s a guide on how employers can resolve the issue of job listings not being visible in the Dutybell knowledgebase:

1. Posting Review Time:

Explain to employers that there may be a review period before job listings become visible to the public. This review ensures that the listings comply with Dutybell’ guidelines.
2. Posting Guidelines:

Remind employers to review and adhere to Dutybell’ job posting guidelines to ensure their listings meet the platform’s terms and are approved for visibility.
3. Account Status:

Ensure that the employer’s account is in good standing. Accounts with issues or violations may have their listings temporarily hidden.
4. Location and Targeting:

Verify that the job’s location and targeting settings are correctly configured. Listings may not be visible if the location or criteria are too narrow.
5. Expiration Date:

Check the expiration date of the job listing. Expired listings won’t be visible to job seekers.
6. Edit and Republish:

Encourage employers to edit the job listing and republish it. Sometimes, making a small change and resubmitting the listing can trigger visibility.
7. Browser Cache:

Recommend clearing the browser cache and cookies, as stored data can sometimes interfere with the visibility of updated job listings.
8. Disable Adblockers:

Ask employers to disable any adblockers or browser extensions that may be preventing the job listings from loading correctly.
9. Account Verification:

Ensure that the employer’s account has been verified and authenticated, as unverified accounts may face limitations on job visibility.
10. Mobile App Check:
– If Dutybell has a mobile app, guide employers to check the mobile app for job listings’ visibility and ensure it’s up to date.

11. Mobile Browser Check:
– Explain that employers can also use mobile web browsers to check for job listing visibility if they don’t have access to the app.

12. Contact Support:
– Instruct employers to contact Dutybell support if their job listings remain invisible despite addressing the above issues. Share the contact details and support channels.

13. Relevance and Quality:
– Emphasize the importance of creating relevant and high-quality job listings, as this can impact visibility and candidate interest.

By providing a comprehensive guide on resolving job listings not being visible, Dutybell can assist employers in ensuring that their job opportunities are effectively reaching potential candidates on the platform.