Job Posting Process

Login to your Dutybell account

Click on Post a job button at right side of hedder or go to your dashboard.

Click Post a job. You can choose to post a new job or edit previously published/unpublished jobs .

Fill in the required fields: category, title of the job, experience, salary, etc. If you chose to edit, you can either modify an existing field or just click Next.

Click on Publish job

Note: If you don’t find a category that matches the job you are posting, please choose category named- Other. If you have purchased any plan, than you can request to add a new category, for that contact with our support team or your relationship manager, they will help you in this regard.

What are the rules to follow while posting a job?

Our goal is to facilitate the communication between employers and candidates for the purpose of finding a job and hiring staff.

All job posts on the DUTYBELL platform must:

• Be posted by a real company/agency/institution/enterprise/ngo/trust which is subject to verification
• Have clear and complete job descriptions and titles
• Include a salary that meets minimum wage or higher
• Do not contain inappropriate or discriminatory content based on appearance, age, gender, etc.
• Not contain weblinks

Remember that we do not accept the following:

• Multilevel, Network Marketing
• Sales of Boucher/ catalogue with or without initial investment
• Forex, Cryptocurrency, Betting, Lottery etc.
• Jobs related to offering/purposing a partnership, collaboration, or franchisee
• Jobs that require upfront payments (e.g., renting premises)
• Jobs with sexual, inappropriate, or discriminatory content

*Important: If we detect that your company or your listed job(s) does not comply with any of the above, your account will be temporarily or permanently deactivated. We may seek clarification for such deactivation of your account. Also, we may ask you to provide details about your company to verify your account. To re-active your account, you need follow all the instruction provided by our compliance staff.