Trouble with applicant tracking system

When employers encounter trouble with the applicant tracking system (ATS) in the Dutybell platform, it’s essential to provide them with guidance on resolving the issue. Here’s a guide for addressing ATS-related issues in the Dutybell knowledgebase:

1. ATS Overview:

Start by providing a brief overview of what the ATS is and its importance in managing candidates.
2. Common ATS Issues:

List some common issues that employers might face with the ATS, such as system errors, difficulty navigating the ATS, or issues with data organization.
3. Clear Browser Cache:

Suggest that employers begin by clearing their browser cache and cookies. Stale data can sometimes lead to issues with the ATS.
4. Supported Browsers:

Remind employers to use supported browsers for optimal performance. Provide a list of recommended browsers and their download links.
5. Check Internet Connection:

Encourage employers to check their internet connection’s stability. A slow or interrupted connection can impact the ATS’s responsiveness.
6. Browser Extensions:

Advise employers to disable browser extensions or add-ons that might conflict with the ATS’s functionality.
7. Training and Tutorials:

Direct employers to ATS training materials and tutorials provided by Dutybell. These resources can help them become more proficient in using the system.
8. Contact Support:

Instruct employers to contact Dutybell support for assistance with specific ATS issues. Share the support contact information.
9. Error Messages:

Explain how to decipher error messages within the ATS and what steps to take when encountering specific error codes.
10. Data Organization:
– Provide guidance on how to effectively organize candidate data within the ATS, including creating folders, tags, and categories.

11. Data Import/Export:
– If applicable, guide employers on how to import and export candidate data to and from the ATS, ensuring data consistency.

12. Candidate Status Updates:
– Describe the process of updating candidate statuses within the ATS, enabling employers to track each candidate’s progress in the hiring process.

13. Mobile ATS Access:
– If Dutybell offers a mobile app for ATS access, provide instructions for using it efficiently.

14. ATS Features:
– Explain the various features and functionalities of the ATS, including searching, filtering, and managing candidate profiles.

15. Feedback Submission:
– Encourage employers to provide feedback on their ATS experience through the Dutybell platform, helping Dutybell identify and address any issues or make improvements.

By offering a comprehensive guide on addressing issues with the applicant tracking system, Dutybell can assist employers in efficiently managing their candidate pool and streamlining the hiring process on the platform.